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SDŽ Bespoke Browband. 3 optional colours of 10mm crystals.

EUR 80,00

(incl. VAT)

Design your own SD browband

Step into a world of individuality with our new SD Bespoke browbands, created by our CEO and founder, Janne. Inspired by her passion for browbands that she handmade many years ago, we have now made it possible for you to create your own unique browband, tailored to your horse; your best friend.

Each browband is hand-sewn and each stone carefully placed 1by 1 according to your color wishes, so that you achieve precise colors and the expression you dream of in your new SD browband.

How do I order?

1. You can see in the title that with this browband you can mix 3 different colours of Crystals.

2. Start by selecting the size and colour on the browband/the leather in the box above this text.

3. Scroll down on the page and choose the colour of the casings for the Crystals.

4. Choose the 3 Colours of Crystals you want for browband.

5. Put the browband in the basket and our team will immediately start handcrafting your new SD browband❤

Length of the browband

Pony app 39 cm. Cob app 43 cm. Full app 45 cm. Xfull app 47 cm.

Fast delivery - no waiting time!

Forget all about long delivery times for custom designed products – Our Bespoke browbands are delivered within 1-3 business days, just like everything else you order from us. Furthermore, if you don’t think it was the expression you dreamed of when ordering, you can of course send it back within 14 days, just like with any other item.

The browband comes in our box with a free polishing cloth.


  • Colour on the casing for the Crystals

  • Colour no.1

  • Colour no.2

  • Colour no.3