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General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

SD receives payment by card transfer or bank transfer.


The following credit cards may be used:

Mastercard, Visa, JCB, American Express, Diners.


Payment terms are agreed with SD Design Aps’ Agent / Accountancy before ordering.


In case of prepayment, the Order will be shipped the same day as SD Design Aps have received the payment on the bank account.

When card payment is chosen, payment will be activated on the day of dispatch.


Delivery time is 2-7 working days on stock items.


Delivery: Any deviations in the order must be notified no later than 4 working days after receipt of the order.


All trade is performed under the rules of the Danish Buying Act.


For orders where all items on the order are not stock items, the customer will always be contacted in relation to agreement of eventual partial delivery. In case of partial deliveries, information about items still in back order are informed.


Return of complaint items must be arranged by SD Design Aps or Local Agent.

SD Design Aps or local agent must be informed of complaints prior to any action, by phone or by mail to agree on the best solution in each case. Complaint items are exchanged / repaired. Complaints do not automatically trigger a refund of purchase price. Upon receipt of complaint items, SD Design Aps will the same day evaluate the level of the complaint and should SD Design Aps have objections, the customer is contacted to agree to a solution. If replacement - repair is not possible, individual refund is agreed according to the product's nature.


SD Design is in no case responsible for operating loss, loss of time, lost work earnings or other financial loss of income. The above limitation of our liability does not apply, if we have been guiltyof gross negligence.

Reservation are made against:

Force majeure, mistakes in text or pictures, price changes, expired goods and supplier failure as well as delays in delivery out of the hands of SD Design Aps.

Terms of delivery:

All orders to EU are shipped with courier chosen by SD Design Aps, unless otherwise agreed before ordering, and shipping costs are stated on the order confirmation If Shipment outside EU, freight costs are calculated on receipt of the order and the Customer is informed and has to confirm the amount before shipment..


SD Design Aps stores information such as company name, VAT number, address, contact person, e-mail address and phone number to service the customer and deliver goods to the same.

SD Design Aps does not register personally sensitive information. SD Design Aps does not disclose customer information to third parties other than bookings of deliveries or inquiries from tax authorities regarding sales information.


If you have questions or are in doubt about the above, please feel free to contact us on phone +45 28744742 or