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SD Customized bridles

With the new "SD Customized bridle" concept we change the entire way you purchase a new bridle.


Here you stand directly in the shop and put together the bridle of your dreams! Now you never have to compromise!


*Are your horse between sizes, then you just put together your bridle with different sizes.

* Cant you decide which noseband you want? Then you can purchase both and change when ever you feel like.

*Add some sparkle to your bridle and add new noseband, cheekstraps ect. You can purchase just the part you want, you do not have to purchase an entire bridle.

*If you are unlucky and your horse steps on his reins and the cheekpiece breakes and you now have a bridle you cant use; do not worry because you just purchase new cheekpieces and your bridle is perfect again.


See all loose parts HERE



















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