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SD® L Únique II bridle. Black.

EUR 189,00

(incl. VAT)

Introducing the L Únique II bridle - New innovative neck strap with memory foam padding!

The L Únique II bridle is an upgrade of one of our best selling bridles over the years; the L Ùnique bridle. In addition to the bridle coming with our latest browband model where you can easily and quickly change the browband, the bridle also holds other surprises. The L Únique II bridle is a true revolution in bridle design.

Noseband and neck strap adapt to your horse's unique anatomy

Inside the neck strap and noseband is a thick layer of memory foam. Memory foam is a type of foam that has unique properties. What makes memory foam special is its ability to adapt and relieve pressure. One of the most important properties of memory foam is its pressure-relieving ability. When a horse wears a bridle, there can be pressure and strain, especially on the neck. Memory foam can help reduce this pressure significantly by distributing the pressure evenly across the surface.

Memory foam is constructed from a material that is sensitive to body weight and heat. When the horse's neck/nose bridge comes into contact with /memory foam, the foam reacts by softening and molding to the horse's contours. This creates a custom fit that minimizes pressure points and prevents discomfort and irritation.

Another unique feature of memory foam is its ability to return to its original shape when pressure is removed. This is also called the "memory effect". When the bridle is removed from the horse, the memory foam will slowly return to its original shape and ready to adapt again for the next use. This ability ensures that the bridle is always ready to provide optimal comfort and support for your best friend so that he/she can perform optimally regardless of discipline and level.

In addition to the neck strap having memory foam, it has our latest developed anatomic shape. A shape we have spent many months testing and optimizing, so you are sure of a neck strap that fits correctly on your horse. We have particularly focused on an extra large cutout just behind the ears, so that the surrounding blood vessels and nerves are not pressed/squeezed and your horse can move his ears without being bothered by the neck strap.

Hand-sewn and eco-friendly

The L Únique bridle is, like all our other bridles, hand-sewn. The bridle is created with consideration for both your horse and the environment by using eco-friendly leather and refraining from the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Our bridles are made from carefully selected, high-quality leather that is produced with minimal environmental impact. We have chosen to use eco-friendly leather that is tanned and dyed with natural and biodegradable materials. This means that our bridle is not only gentle on the environment, but also on your horse's delicate skin. Our skilled craftsmen have taken great care in sewing every detail of this bridle. The browband has our unique curved shape and is adored with 10mm Crystals.

Width of the neck strap in the sizes.
Cob 4.5 cm
Full 5.5 cm


Width of the noseband in the sizes.
Cob 5 cm
Full 5 cm


The length of the browband in the sizes.
Cob about 43 cm.
Full approx. 45 cm.

No reins included.


Leather care:
We recommend that you give the bridle oil/balm before you use it the first time. This will protect and maintain the leather on your new SD bridle❤


ECO-Friendly leather. This means that there has not been used any chemicals in the tanning process.