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SDŽ BESPOKE scrunchie.

EUR 15,98

(incl. VAT)

Go all inn on matchy matchy at your next competition!



The Alicia Bespoke scrunchie is the perfect accessory for any dressage event. This scrunchie is designed to give your outfit the final touch of elegance and style, and it can help you stand out on the competition course.

With the Alicia Bespoke scrunchie, you can tailor your look by choosing the color of the stones yourself. Choose your favorite color or match your scrunchie with your outfit, the stones on your browband or similar to achieve the popular "matchy matchy" look.

This hair scrunchie is yet another in our line of unique designs created with attention to detail and made from high quality materials. The stones are carefully selected to ensure they are beautiful and shiny, and the scrunnchie is made from the finest satin look fabric.

So if you want the final touch for your dressage event outfit, the Alicia Bespoke scrunchie is the perfect choice. With this accessory, you can stand out on the competition course and show your personal style in an elegant way.


  • Colour no.1