SD® Neckpad for rolled bridles. Black. R-751

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Neckstrap for rolled bridle/rolled double bridle.

* Thick memory foam padding for optimal pressure relief and comfort.

* The neckstrap is extremly light weight because of the light memory foam.

* The backside is wider in the middle to minimize pressure on the sensitive neck and nerves.

* The neckstrap has cutback behind the ears to ensure full earmovement.

* In the middle it is 6 cm and it gets more narrow in the end were it is 3cm in full size.

* It is 28cm long and fits full/large cob.

* This can be used for both rolled bridles and rolled double bridles.



SD® Neckpad for rolled bridles. Black. R-751
  • Size: Cob-Full

    Model/Product no.: R-751-COB FULL

    EUR 23,50

    (incl. VAT)

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