SDŽ Secret Shine Saddle pad in Navy. JUMP COB. D-114

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The thoughts behind the Secret Shine collection were to make a very beautiful design with an elegant look added a touch of sparkle.

The SD® Secret Shine saddlepad is a luxuriouse saddlepad made only of top quality materials. The saddlepad is made of Quick Dry material which makes it sweat and moist transporting. 

The fabric is woven with metallic fibres glittering in sunshine, giving it the name Secret Shine. 

The fit has cut back by the mane, this gives space and the saddlepad does not put pressure on the delicate thorn sticks ( spinous process). The saddlepad lays steady during your ride. Straps with velcro are placed at the front and by the girth, where this strap also opens with velcro, so that it is easier to remove the saddlepad from the saddle.

In the SD® Secret Shine collection you can have matching saddlepad and browband.


SDŽ Secret Shine Saddle pad in Navy. JUMP COB. D-114
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    EUR 40,30 EUR 80,50

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