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SDŽ Glitter tendon Boots in white/gold. O-238

EUR 87,00

(incl. VAT)
  • SD Design is a Passion
  • We never compromise
  • We put our heart & soul into each design

Limited Edition.

The populair SD Glitter tendon boots!


* These tendon boots are made in amazing Glitter with imitated lamb.

* They have a really good fit and provides very good protection.

* Handwash only because of the glitter.

* Put them under running water and brush  with a very soft brush and the dirt will easily come off!


Avaliable in pony, cob, full and xfull.


4 pcs. in a package. 2x front and 2 x hind.


SDŽ Glitter tendon Boots in white/gold. O-238
  • Size: Pony

    Model/Product no.: O-238-PONY

    EUR 87,00

    (incl. VAT)

    1 Set in stock

  • Size: Cob

    Model/Product no.: O-238-COB

    EUR 87,00

    (incl. VAT)

    11 Set in stock

  • Size: Full

    Model/Product no.: O-238-FULL

    EUR 87,00

    (incl. VAT)

    24 Set in stock

  • Size: X Full

    Model/Product no.: O-238-X- FULL

    EUR 87,00

    (incl. VAT)

    13 Set in stock