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SDŽ Bridles

Bridles designed with the love for the horse.

There are many focus areas, when we start to design a new bridle. For us the anatomic shape is extremely important but also a beautiful design and sustainability are in focus.  These are our main focus areas at SD Design. It is important to have the environment and sustainability in mind at all times. Our leather is eco-friendly and that means that no chemicals were used in the tanning process. We only use high quality leather to make sure, you can enjoy your SD bridle many years to come. Because there is not used chemicals in the tanning process, you reduce the risk of allergies and skin irritation on your horse. So you protect both the environment and your best friend, when you purchase one of our bridles ❤


To make an anatomical shaped bridle, is our main goal. The horses are so unique individuals who touch our heart and soul in a way no one else can. Your horse is always there for you. To feel your horses soft mule when you have a bad day makes all the difference. That is why they deserve nothing less than us doing our absolute best to make the best fitting bridles possible. This is an area that is constantly developing. All the feedback we get from you we note and keep in mind when we start designing a new bridle.


Making the best possible anatomic shaped bridle is a constant work and we always try to improve every part of the bridle. The neckstrap must be anatomic and give good space for the ears and not add pressure to the poll and surrounding nerves. The noseband needs a shape that avoids the facial nerves and leaves good space for the bit. It must not add pressure to the teeth. The padding has to be ultra soft and thick to minimize pressure.


Because we put our heart and soul into each design of a new bridle, we found it perfect to name our bridles after horses that have had a very special place in their owner’s heart. That is why we name our bridles after your, our customers, “once in a lifetime horse”.


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