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SDŽ Denmark anatomic leather halter. U-125

EUR 80,00

(incl. VAT)
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Denmark leatherhalter.

* Memory foam in neckstrap and noseband for optimal pressure relief and comfort.

* The halter weighs very little because of the light memory foam.

* Anatomic correct neckstrap with cutback behind the ears to avoid pressure, and secure full movement.

* 7cm wide neckstrap to minimize pressure at the neck.

* Anatomic noseband that is wider at the middle and more narrow in the sides to avoid the nerves.

* The noseband is 5cm in the middle and 3,5cm in the sides.


SDŽ Denmark anatomic leather halter. U-125
  • Size: Pony

    Model/Product no.: U-125-PONY

    EUR 80,00

    (incl. VAT)

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  • Size: Cob

    Model/Product no.: U-125-COB

    EUR 80,00

    (incl. VAT)

    10 pcs. in stock

  • Size: Full

    Model/Product no.: U-125-FULL

    EUR 80,00

    (incl. VAT)

    18 pcs. in stock

  • Size: X Full

    Model/Product no.: U-125-X FULL

    EUR 80,00

    (incl. VAT)

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