SD® Petite Étoile foal browband. Black. R-746

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The Petite Étoile browband is perfect for when the future star are going to his first show. The browband is very thin and with a nice curve. The browband is very elegant with one row of 8mm Crystals. This gives an amazing sparkle when the sun catches the many facetts in the Crystals. With Austraian STELLUX™ crystals you get a browband with an unique sparkle and star like brilliance.


* The "eye"/hole is only 2cm wide, so it fits most show halters/bridles.

* Foal is 34 cm.

* Small foal is 32 cm.

* The curve makes the browband fall beautifully on the forehead instead of sticking out from the forehead.


Including a SD box for your new the browband and a free SD polish cloth, so you can polish your SD Browband so it sparkles like new.



SD® Petite Étoile foal browband. Black. R-746
  • Size: Small foal

    Model/Product no.: R-746-SMALLFOAL

    EUR 23,10 EUR 33,00

    (incl. VAT)

    20 pcs. in stock

  • Size: Large foal

    Model/Product no.: R-746-LARGEF

    EUR 23,10 EUR 33,00

    (incl. VAT)

    15 pcs. in stock