SDŽ Mystery bridle in Black/White/Glitter patent. Pony R-715

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The Mystery bridle is a truly unique bridle who add extra sparkle. The patent on the noseband is filled with glitter! The browband has big gorgeous sparkling Rivoli crystals.  The bridle is made with the anatomy of your horse in mind. The bridle has also our new custom designed extra soft neckstrap. The neckstrap has larger contact surface which minimize pressure on the sensitive neck/nerves substansially.

* Neopren padding in the neckstrap and noseband for optimal pressurerelief and comfort.
* Anatomic correct neckstrap with cutback behind the ears for optimal earmovement and comfort.
* 5 cm wide neckstrap to minimize pressure on your horses neck.
* The noseband is anatomic shaped and is wider in the middle and very narrow in the ends, to avoid pressuring on the facial nerves.
* The noseband is 5 cm wide in the middle.
* French hooks on cheekpieces and reins for a more elagant look.
* Curved browband.


Incl super grip reins





SDŽ Mystery bridle in Black/White/Glitter patent. Pony R-715
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