SDŽ CROWN Ramiro II Premium Bridle Black/Black. P/C/X-F. R-401

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Limited Edition

Ramiro II Premium bridle.


The ultimate luxury and quality for you and your horse is available with the Ramiro II bridle, wich is made with English Sedgwick premium leather.


* Black leather with silver buckles.

* The straps on the bridle are extra thin for an elegant look.

* Anatomic correct neckstrap with cutback, to provide pressure at the ears and secure full movement.

* 6 cm wide neckstrap to minimize pressure on the neck.

* Anatomic shaped noseband which is wider in the middle and narrow in the ends to minimize pressure on the nerves. 

* The noseband is 5 cm wide in the middle and 3,5 cm in the sides.


* Curved browband with 8 mm real swarovski stones for sublime sparkle.

* Web reins included


SDŽ CROWN Ramiro II Premium Bridle Black/Black. P/C/X-F. R-401
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